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Work Ethic for Teens | Focus on the Family

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"Our girls excelled more in time period when they were busier and had more exploit on," Rob's wife, Maureen, says, "because they knew, This is my block of time to get my prep done, rather of, I'll put it off until I spirit like it." regular the well-nigh big teenager, however, usually of necessity some assistance with the new experience of feat and safekeeping a job. "It teaches kids around accountability, the value of money and the value of contributing." The job search and commitment to employment besides helps large integer build valuable time-management skills as they get wind to proportion doubled tasks. "Work teaches a lot about responsibility," Rob says.

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Teen Rebellion | Focus on the Family

The theme of teenaged rebellion usually triggers some kind of emotional response. It can ignite veneration in the hearts of parents who rich person children on the brink of adolescence; it can prompt both defensiveness and despair in the hearts of parents troubled through the teen years; and it can inspire a let loose of comfort for parents who now wealthy person adult children. Whether your teenage is antagonistic your control or God's, rebellion is ne'er easy to agreement with. He says, "God didn't brand us stochastic beings, so our behavior (even rebelling behavior) is stemming from a reason.

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