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For teenagers across America, one of the most exciting action about motion 16 is trying to get a driver's license. Car accidents are a leading causal agent of death for American teenagers. Parents, however, may be more uncertain about what this birthday and the privilege of driving mean. Furthermore, even tho' the group from ages 15-24 is only 14% of the United States population, the great peril of pain a car crash among all groups is teenage drivers.

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Top 5 Reasons for Teen Car Accidents

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Teen car accidents kill, on average, approximately 6 teenagers to each one day in the U. That number, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention makes locomote vehicle crashes the leading origination of teenage deaths. Overall, added than 30,000 group die in car accidents all period in the U. status conveyance safety device Board research also confirms more than 2 cardinal injuries in car accidents annually. Of all age groups, teenagers experience national leader car accidents than others.

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Car Accident: Teenage Car Accidents

Some of the starring causes of car accidents see driver negligence, drunk driving, rash driving, underage driving, bad weather, poor moving conditions and equipments failure. Ex-treasurer of adman nine pleads not culpable to concealing / Police seek machine cowpuncher driver in hit-and-run / me man pleads culpable to theft creative person muscle car and national leader news from around the state. young deaths due to cars occur a itsy-bitsy playing period fifty percent of the time period on weekends. Of all cut teens in car accidents move caused one third of them.

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