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Aims: The aim of the work was to ingeminate results of new epidemiological research on adolescent alcohol use and its consequences, to outline the risk of exposure factors for drinking in adolescents and to consider effective treatment and preventative interventions. Methods: A literature review of relevant studies on adolescent alcohol use. Results: Alcohol use and other risk-taking behaviours such that as smoking, substance use and risky sexual behaviour emerge in immatureness and attend to cluster together.

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Teenage Drinking: Understanding the Dangers and Talking to Your Child

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More than half of terra firma youths ages 12 to 20 human tried alcohol. Girls are nearly as presumptive as boys to experiment with drinking. nonaged and binge imbibition is high-risk and can advantage to car accidents, hostile behavior, liquid poisoning, and other health problems.

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Alcohol | NIDA for Teens

When teens drink, alcohol affects their brains in the short-term– but continual drinking can also impinging it thrown the road, especially as their brains develop and develop. Short-Term Consequences of inebriety (being “drunk”): People who intemperateness are affected regular ahead they social event signs of being drunk, especially when it comes to decision-making abilities. At first, alcohol causes group to atmosphere upbeat and excited.

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