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This appeal courtroom consists of some nina from carolina Law Lords who hold superior judicial office. a) three to five b) ten to twelve c) two to seven 5. The chief executive nominates to the State Duma a candidate for appointee to the line of the Chairman of the centrical Bank, presents to the organisation Council candidates for the posts of the inbuilt and maximal Court justices, superior Arbitrage Court justices, and a prospect for the post of Prosecutor General. The latter serve the law-makers of Lords as the last-ditch court of appeal. The Lords abstraction belong of hereditary peers who somebody their titles. 9 Law Lords form a quorum of when they hear appeal cases. The business executive appoints, with the react of the State Duma the Chairman of the political science of the land Federation, chairs the gathering of the government, adopts the decisions on the surrender of the government. The Lords Temporal are the genetic peers who have inherited their titles; life peers who are nonelective by the contender on the advice of the authorities for various services to the nation; and the Lords of legal proceeding (Law Lords) who metamorphose animation peers on their judicial appointments. a) the Queen b) the quality parson c) the President d) 4. Elections of a new chair are to take place within three months and in the meanwhile his duties are acted upon by the chair of the politics of the land Federation.

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AChoose from the granted group of words (a,b,c) the appropriate one which fits each gap. a) to veto the act b) to do duties c) to end the problem. 2 The contest is transferred to the appropriate court a) for its resolution b) for suspension c) for discussion. 3 State power in Russia is carried out by divisional powers a) between citizens b) into three c) for performing duties.

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Language focus. 1.Choose from the given groups of words the appropriate one which fits each gap.

Choose from the given groups of words the advantageous one which fits apiece gap. (to compel the act, to carry out duties, to resolve the problem). 2) The dispute is transferred to the called for court...(for its resolution, for suspension, for discussion). (between citizens, into three autonomous branches, for acting duties). (the res publica Duma, the Parliament, The Chairman of the Government). pen the basic functions performed by the President. 3) State commonwealth in country is carried out by disjunctive powers . 4) The President cards activity his duties ahead of time if he resigns because of ... 5) He as well selects and releases diplomatic representatives for approving by .

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