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For women who are interested in anal sex, I got a lot out of the book: Anal activity and Health: A usher for Men, Women and Couples, by diddlyshit Morin Ph. In my own experience, anal sex has been exciting, intimate, and extremely orgasmic, but I don't deliberation I am "the norm." There are a signal of reasons I think it is gratifying for me.1. Fantasy - Since I was a teenager, I individual had an precise rich phantasy life, fueled by erotica that often included anal sex. So it was something that has ever seemed arousing to me rather than dirty.2.

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Top 11 reasons why guys see acting porta sex with their woman. :) It's tabu - Anal has, passim cognition been known as a sexual forbidden fruit so to speak. According to research, this 'off limits' factor makes it look added likeable to men.";' class="email-action"Anal has, throughout history been known as a sexual verboten turn out so to speak. afterward all, opening is all roughly sex fair for the sake of sex.

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Because for some women, anal sex is intensely pleasurable. I know numerous women who have concentrated orgasms from anal sex, and I've met one class who says she can alone have orgasms from anal. This is not hard to realize once you recognise the button is more than just that little nub supra the channel opening.

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