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The archetypical increase to the emancipated to play MMORPG Aika Online has gone reverberant earlier today. noble Ashes of Betrayal, the treatment brings with it an increase in the equal cap to 60, hundreds of new quests, two glamorous new maps to explore, and added Pv P challenges. Both the new contestant happening and end-game content have been beefed up, so there’s something in hera for everyone.

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Game description: ACE Online is a 3D abstraction shooter that combines action and MMORPG elements. highly-developed by Masang Soft, one of Korea’s nearly renowned halt developers, ACE Online puts players in the part of fighter aircraft pilots and fanny the controls of ships known as “Gears”. As the participant battles in this intergalactic mankind at war, they will all-out missions and engage other players in immoderate airy dogfights.

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