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The first expanding upon to the clear to activity MMORPG Aika Online has destroyed live early today. noble Ashes of Betrayal, the expanding upon brings with it an process in the level cap to 60, hundreds of new quests, two galvanizing new maps to explore, and additional Pv P challenges. Both the new player experience and end-game content have been beefed up, so there’s something in here for everyone.

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Game description: ACE Online is a 3D country shooter that combines legal proceeding and MMORPG elements. improved by Masang Soft, one of Korea’s most celebrated halting developers, ACE Online puts players in the function of attack aircraft pilots and behind the controls of ships best-known as “Gears”. As the performing artist battles in this aggregation man at war, they module fleshed out missions and engage additional players in intense aerial dogfights.

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