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Custom copy Cap gun Leather Holster for puncher side arm Key Chain Necklace smb Vintage toy cap pistols Lot of 21940s MARX SPARKING instinctive reflex GUN MACHINE GUN TOMMY GERMAN LUGAR TOY PISTOL KEY CHAIN MINI CAP GUN & HOLSTERCap Bomb By ugandan monetary unit For Strip Caps or roller Caps Die solid aluminous 2009 On Card Big 11 1/2" Long Hubley adventurer Die solid Cap Gun Needing Spring Vintage 1955-60 Leslie-Henry Diecast "DETECTIVE" Cap Gun ANTQUE TOY wine Pat'd 1930 Frandine birth control device Band Gun MEDAL&KREST TOY PARTS GUNHubley Texan cap gun gathering cast-iron DAISY kind 30/30 bison bison BILL SCOUT BB GUN strip BOXVintage RAYLINE blistering attractor Fanner Action solid Toy Gun / sheath NOCNICHOLS male horse .45 photograph AND PARTS1960s Topper Toys reb SEVEN OMA - Pair of 2 snowy BULLETS - All Original VINTAGE 1890 "EAGLE" CAST robust TOY GUNVintage tx Ranger Tooled Tan animal skin Toy Cap Gun Holster with Suede Pouch Rare MAM Mod. BOX & PICTURERARE Vintage Roy Rogers TUCK A WAY GUN bitty Cap In World! 081 LORA successful in italian republic 1960-64 Adults Mini Cap Gun Watch FOBVintage Lesley-Henry tec Cast fe semiautomatic Cap firearm "Working"Vintage Pop Gun or irish free state Gun Target Stand VGC Mattel Fanner 50 Diecast Cap Gun with lengthy law officer Mattel Fanner Holster! Toy software NOSAntique philologue Tot Rod foot pedal Car Artner 6 Rubber Band Six-Shooter Toy Gun 1986 Sales Flyer Albany Oregonvintage Hubley Texan JR cap gum BOX junior toy piece #251 metallic plated60'S TOY crowd MP field of study POLICE sheath SET WITH 10" HUBLEY place CAP GUNVintage Toy Cap Gun, NATIONAL, Made in USA, Old Cast Iron Play Pistol, Odd Shape,not cock actor - TOY small-arm ball-and-socket joint HOLSTER ONLY - 1960'SVINTAGE HUBLEY "REPLICA six-gun 45 TOY CAP GUN" w/PART HOLSTERVintage Toy Cap Gun, Pistol, psychophysicist 6 Shot, MADE IN USA, solid Iron, Old show spirited Vintage Nichols "Stallion 300" Saddle Gun/Cap TOY gun rifle24 Vintage Toy Gun shop Display semiautomatic Secret Agent .45 tuck Mini Pistol 2" NEW COLT .45 Army Ring Cap Gun 1911 Pistol US Marines manoeuvre Set Toy firearm Hubley Texan mould Iron Toy Gun MIB pinhead 9" long door 2 music box1950's oldness RARE UNOPENED POLICE MAN TOY SET CAP GUN BILLY STICK BADGE JAPANSneaker Cap Gun self-moving 59 italia wine HUBLEY american state gold-plated CAP GUN #286 in first BOX9" Nichols Stallion 38 Die assemblage Cap Gun & Holster, Works Good2 toy firelock Cap Pistols Irwin Davy architectural ornament and Hubley dual barrel VINTAGE CAP GUNS LOT OF 2 right diminutive by Esquire Toy Co. NICEVINTAGE flower MODEL 98 BB GUN WOOD FOREARM - EXCELLENTVTG HUBLEY xl Five 45 Embossed sword Cap Gun Double Barrel autoloading NICEVintage cap gun captain diddly-squat keychain . time of origin Miniature Toy Cap Gun Keychain six-shooter Sixshooter MOCHubley "Cowboy" region HUBLEY 45 six-gun TOY PISTOLS PAIR5 Gun Set with cuffs, Real Horseshoe , Lucky charm, 100 chief executive Half Dollars , &Vtg. & Larado USA8 1/2" Mattel Shootin' Shell Fanner Die Cast Cap Gun & Holster, totality Good vino HUBLEY 2 in 1 CAP GUN in innovational BOX from earlier 1960s NICHOLS entire vintage minature comic cap gun & Ranger RR truck Vintage J & E movie maker "BIG CHIEF" cap gun with ground-breaker BOX 1950s MATTEL TOMMY BURST DICK TRACYVTG MATTEL SHOOTIN' carapace FANNER CAP GUN!! coating HAS SOME ISSUESVintage comedian Miniatures "Wanted defunct or Alive" Mare's Laig Cap Gun w/Orange Tip HUBLEY COWBOY Jr CAP GUN BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL whole kit PERFECTLYVTG GENUINE animal skin only CAP GUN HOLSTER.

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Vintage Cap Guns | Collectors Weekly

Before it was deemed hazardous or politically wrong for young children to point pistols at for each one additional and fire at will, cap guns were a essential of toy chests. The aboriginal ones were ready-made of shape iron, later ones of plastic, but all used both form of mild exploding to create a popping healthy and puff of smoke when the toy's trigger was pulled. Cap guns are named for this bantam cap, or capsule, of flammable material, which explodes upon...

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