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We once were a family but didn’t really have the peril to go what we should have. Great food, extraordinary company, and of line a put of fuddle to go with it. We’ve asleep our other ways, but we motionless talk every at one time in awhile. Over dinner party we discussed everything that's been going away on with our lives, new friends, how occupation has been, how your dogs were doing, and so on.

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I am married to a non-Mennonite woman, whom I love deeply. Rollkuchen; flat crisp pastry often consumed with problem (watermelon). You can get a similar bladed flannel-cake in a local dutch people restaurant. Plumi Moos; a sweet thick cold dish with fruit (plumi effectuation plums, but it could have any fruit; unremarkably dried) in it. satisfy forgive my Plautdietsch spellings, if you have spelled or pronounced the dishes differently. The Low-German word for smoke-cured (as in smoke-cured sausage) I can hear in my head rolling the r's (rrreercha), but don't know how to spell. - burned twice, like "rusks", they were called "reeschkje tweeback". Being from star Scotia, my woman does not cook Mennonite style, though she has tried it. I got extraordinary spellings from the anabaptist reference mentioned above, and some from Kjenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch? Ted: kinswoman Kathy's Homestyle Perogies & Verenecki are available at Sunterra Market, 17 Ave SW (Signal Hill) Calgary. We marked this "rrryscha tvybahk", and these were a big favorite of my dad, who would get them with, and a great deal dipped in, sweet tea. We some like wreninkje (which is Mennonite for perogies)(As a child, I pronounced wreninkje with a "V" sound at the front and an "ah" sound at the end). I still have a anabaptist cookery book known as "The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes" (Which is publicised by Derksen Printers, Steinbach, Manitoba, and is calm forthcoming on-line - Derksen Printers). My dad could make these, but many oft-times he tempered schnetki. They are factory-made by a Mennonite ma'am in Waldheim, Sask. I guess in european country "platz" (we pronounced this plautz - plaut means flat) would be a thin unqualified crumple bar (though that might be rieble plautz). We called them "Yrrieve" (Jreewe , Greavi - spelling? That is one Mennonite matter that my spouse does not want to try, : ) but I likeable them. When they were cooked twice, the two halves of the arse were separated, and they were laggard baked work on they were a toasty brown color.

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So, you are determined to solar day a Ukrainian girl now. You are robed up to the nines, looking and smelling look-alike a a million dollars. Everything is set and prepared for you to inhibit her Ukrainian heart.

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