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Princess Bella and Princess Carmela have a enslaved defenceless and in sexual abstention cleansing the room floor. They make to do a light wipe test to see if he did a groovy job improvement the floor. They have the soul rub the piece of cloth into the cracks and corners of the tile and hold it up. The towel has achromatic spots all over it meaning the slave did a filthy job improvement the floor.

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This is a compilation of ALL of the photographic film from one of our recent “slave tryouts” me, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela had at an upmarket LA hotel. ) and then beat them to see how large indefinite amount they are willing to suffer for us. (It was weird- all our slaves that nighttime were asian! ) Then we get dr*nkk and bored- so we give a REAL beatdown to 2 of our house slaves that we had thither to aid to us for the night.

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