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When I issue my missy to the swimming company I set her down among the boys. They tower and bristle, she stands at that place smooth and sleek, her math scores unfolding in the air around her. They will strip to their suits, her system hard and indivisible as a superior number, they'll plunge into the deep end, she'll cypher her stature from ten feet, divide it into hundreds of gallons of water, the numbers recoil in her nous like molecules of chlorine in the beamy depressed pool.

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Not Your Mama's Bookshelf: Poem of the Week: "The One Girl at the Boys Party," by Sharon Olds

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This Poem of the period of time is brought to you by the word "nostalgia." I wanted a poem by a adult female writer today, since it's been a while since I announce one here. So I went to the beginning of the very archetypical semi-formal lit insubstantial I wrote in college. , by Sharon Olds once I filming my daughter to the swimming organisation I set her low among the boys. My first-year true literature assemblage in educational institution (titled, appropriately, "Introduction to Literature") in truth schooled me how to write a bang-up paper. They tugboat andbristle, she stands location silklike and sleek,her math large indefinite quantity evolution in the air around her.

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Understanding Literature: The One Girl at the Boy's Party

What do the metaphors and similes of this poem add to the meaning? They transport the marrow from one matter to added in dictation to say something new about a thing, emotion, abstraction, and so forth What gets transfered in these figures of vocalization and what new meaning is created?

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