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When I first heard of the "Clone-A-Willy" kit, I was mesmerized. Everything you required in a cunning dinky tube to create your own custom sex toy? As a sucker for showing neatness packaged crafting, I was in!

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CopyFlex® - Liquid Silicone Rubber for Food Grade Mold Making

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Copy Flex® is a food grade, melted silicone rubber that was configured specifically for mold making. unequal many a liquid silicones that have got complex mix ratios and precise thick consistencies, transcript Flex® is soft to use because equidistant amounts of some causal agent and base are combined to produce a satiny smooth, low consistence that reproduces the finest details. A 1:1 mix magnitude relation is very convenient for large projects and also enables moldmakers to easy swarm molds that may press as little as two ounces. In other words, if you acquisition anywhere from 1 to 4 pounds, your cost per pound is $25.00.

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If you go to Wal-Mart, you will attending dolls there in contrary mediums (ie: solid Barbies, ceramic ware dolls, vinyl group Berenguers). And what about all of those vinyl doll kits that are available to buy? Well, an artist has to form them out of a part of clay. They buy clay, use photographs & their bare hands to grave the dolls.

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