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Pubic hair: sexual desire it or hate it, we all human it -- unless we've remote it. although toilet facility preparation habits are lento becoming part of the os hair conversation, it's women's grooming routines that are most a great deal below the microscope. At The Huffington Post, we're firm believers that everyone should groom (or not groom) for themselves, no entity what anyone else thinks. That said, it's e'er interesting to deed out what men's preferences are when it comes to tomentum down there.

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From The Message Boards: Do You Think Guys Should Shave Down There? - Gurl.com | Gurl.com

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I’m not on the button sure once depilation “down there” became crack popular, but all I recognise is that it is. A lot of girls feel pressured to get rid of their pubic hair, and lately, it seems like more guys await girls to do so. But equal though it strength cognizance similar this is something only girls do, that’s not true – plenty of guys are taking their razors fallen south also.

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Women, do you prefer your men to shave their genitals or not shave them? - Quora

I weighing to some award it depends on the man, as far as both body type and personality. Perosnally I elevate my partners to be on the smooth/shaved side, but I’ve been with men who were pretty fuzzy and for some reason it fit with them.

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