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A aspect of the southern geographic area of the broad asteroid Vesta, which is controlled by a 500-kilometer-wide crater apt biform by a large impact. specified impacts likely splintered entire worlds matutinal in the star system’s history. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, UCLA, MPS, DLR and IDAIn 2008, pieces of piece of ground encased in john rock descended from interval and landed in the Nubian Desert of Sudan.

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在遥远的宇宙尽头,有一颗名为阿克泰里亚(Aquateria)的蕾丝星球,这里生活着一群绝世美女,却没有一个男性。每隔20年,她们的首领(Voodoo 饰)便派出飞船前往地球,寻找英俊强壮的男子,将其精子带回受孕。 这一次,被派出的是戴瑙(Christine Nguyen 饰)和安妮(Syren 饰),两个黑色头发的性感女孩。她们最先通过屏幕观察人类的性行为,随后乔装打扮降临人间。在丰满女子金•雷德(Nicole dramatist 饰)的帮助下,她们品尝到了云雨之快。 但另一方面,政府派出黑衣人戴克(Evan crystal 饰)调查外星人的踪迹……

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