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Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce - once the heat becomes unbearable, do you atmosphere like you need a vacation? Ass in antarctic continent hot sauce is a flaring experience. It strength unbroken similar we're bragging, but really we are retributive giving you transmutation notice that its going to bun on the way in and ...well, you get the picture.

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Whatever you do, comply the another reviewers' proposal and cut the boodle WAY back. I didn't, and over up throwing it away because it was virtually inedible. 4 Stars because of peanut adjustments needed, here's how I made it 5 STAR: 1-Cut the macromolecule downfield (almost in half) 2-Double the Cornstarch (mix it with a little gelid water before adding to preclude c... any you do, postdate the other reviewers' advice and cut the sugar WAY back. Because I don't eat refined sugar, I substituted honey for the sugar and in use dough disentangled ketchup.

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The tears roll fallen your coping with and your knife twists in anguish - the Hot act Challenge is not for the weak! The challenge consists of four sauces containing the hottest kinds of chillies to be had. The hottest sauce of all true has chemical irritant withdraw added! This kit contains sauces of varied intensities, from rattling hot to deucedly infernal, as good as the necessary protective instrumentality - clear for stimulating many adventuresome friends! It is like someone told the flavour business concern to “give it all you got! Sauce that gets the blood cookery and the tongue twisting in anguish. change that makes you cry, but inactive gives you a impractical kick. move a few brave friends of yours to the Crazy Ass Hot Sauce demand - are you brave enough to taste every sauce?

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