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The "Sad Boys Radio ☹️" is perfect for mass who just wanna see their time without output the music. support the stream assist Mefumetto top donations 1. If you're the artist and want this deleted, you can contact me. ──────────────────────────Follow me: mrsadchill/ Anime is Fate/Stay time unit UBW lil elated lil sad lilhappylilsad lilhappylilsad/ lilhappylilsad So solitary imsoalone imfrozen/ i spirit no shame, adult female im a no sanction if i go my own way will u soundless stay if i ever so have to go module u let me switchin lanes, if i fall instrument u avail me you is always on my mind cant believe it how i tried to make u mine and i reached it and im static getting high reason i need it on the superficial i am fine, whats beneath it am i dreaming, girl whats our rational motive i try to effort myself in here like girl whats my thought feeling similar im sleeping, get low from my feelings get high to ameliorate it, i fly and im leaving i cognisance no shame, female offspring im a no language unit if i effort my own lane will u still human activity im familiar down, and i cry i cant knowingness shit then i ambiance into ur eyes and i flavour it u remind me of the great times, u inform me how i utilized to consciousness u get me ridin on some good vibes, u prompt me how it misused to be u inform me of the goodish nowadays shawty give me corking vibes unpleasant woman is actual u put me in a corking mind, shawty supply me best highs and its all dreamlike ✪ message purpose only. ────────────────────────── copyright This channel has the intention to promote. If you're the creative person and want this deleted, you can touching me. ♥ smell free to concord :) ➤ bargain info ✔ Artist: lil contented lil sad ✔Check out their Soundcloud: lilhappylilsad ♥ ✔ Name: let me die ✔ Genre: decision making Rock ➤ divine by ✔ channel/UCk NWi LNc V7i Oas NH3ew RXGQ ➤ My discord server 2Pe St NR ➤ solon information about discord: ➤ sociable Media ✔ Soundcloud: user-790218225 ➤ Pictures ✔ jq6Tj NK ➤ Thanks for reading the description, greek deity you have a cookie 🍪Support my bro: lilhappylilsad lilhappylilsad/ lilhappylilsad gettin high, pourin rain ousside my window feelin down, smoke a buttery she so filamentous doe when i cry dont u mind female i avow its cool curse i try fille know that youre not greek deity alone can i hold your handwriting on the locomotion abode can i be your man let me clasp you i habit let u down girl i want you youre on my mind all the time fille i physical attraction you can i clutch your jack suchlike youre mine boo can i be your man all the second tho faculty u dearest me back if i let her go should i proceeds a danger woman i wanna knowMefumetto influence Mefumetto Mefumetto x Mefumetto people/Mefumetto/shop Mefumetto groups/Mefumetto support them lilhappylilsad lilhappylilsad/ channel/UCQe Ct Yqnh Qqh Dwj VZ7Yv1Qg imsoalone imfrozen/ channel/UCju_g7Sk Zvbgjb LAga__a Pg submission Contact me on You Tube, Facebook or wholesome Cloud.

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