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Dear Alice, Is it safe to experience porta sex patch pregnant? Also, I've detected using an enema before porta sex can make it more comfortable. My husband would emotion to feature anal sex, and I'm lief to try it, but don't want to trauma the baby in any way. If it is safe, any suggestions for fashioning it solon comfortable (i.e., creams, desensitising lotions, lubrication...)? It's perfectly unhurt to have some good ol' porta sex, equal with a bun in the oven.

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Deep Teeth Cleaning | Berkeley Parents Network

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April 2012 My dentist has advisable that I individual a ''deep cleaning'' rather than a regular cleaning. Also, I hold two young kids and it will be difficult to go in for two eternal appointments. regrettably I hadn't had a clean up for over 5 years and so I do have a lot of plaque build-up (but no cavities! While protection covers 100% of a prescribed cleaning it only covers 80% of the deep cleaning, for a unit price of $300. It requires local anesthetic and has to be done in two separate visits (1/2 the mouth per visit, one hour all time).

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Teeth Whitening While Pregnant – Oral Mantra

This is a question that many fraught women might ask. around women mightiness think that the substances used in whitening toothpastes or at the medical practitioner might harm their baby. Actually it is essential to have a great oral medicine well before pregnancy. Is it possible to whiten your bone time pregnant because teeth become more excitable during pregnancy? Actually, bleaching is a operation that can cause teeth sense even if it didn’t occur before.

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