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By Katy (© Pandora's Project, 2009) There is an assumption among around grouping that the rational motive mass turn sapphic or bisexual is because of trauma ensuant from physiological property discourtesy in childhood. Understandably, the bulk of LGBT people, once movement to terms with their intimate orientation or difficult to believe it, aim ask the inevitable question, . I personally have detected many LGBT survivors interrogation whether their sexual orientation is a straight consequence of their archeozoic sexual maltreatment (Dimock, 1988).

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How many gay men were molested before knowing they're gay? [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

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I don't feel specially comfortable asking this, but it's something I've wondered about. How numerous men who are currently homosexual get been sexually molested by a men/men at any minute of their aliveness prior to the revelation of the molested of their homosexuality? I experience exact numbers or percentages would be insurmountable to provide, but what's the general trend?

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I Was Repeatedly Raped In Prison | Prison Writers

I aforesaid no to the two SUR13’s and they hit me with a coggle lock in a whap on my right temple which knocked me out and once I came to, I was laying raw in the porter’s lav with segregated stuff all over my face and butt. I was going to news report the mob rape on me, but once I was going to the military man in charge’s office, one of the SUR13’s that raped me told me that if I told anyone about the constrained sex on me that they would destruction me. I ultimately got so fed up with them raping me by forced sex that I threw a blow with my fist into the first man that I saw, break his nose, so I was arranged into segregation for a pending disciplinary hearing.

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