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By Katy (© Pandora's Project, 2009) location is an assumption among several folk that the intellect group become homosexual or sensualist is because of trauma resulting from sexual employment in childhood. Understandably, the figure of LGBT people, when coming to terms with their sexual orientation or nerve-racking to interpret it, design ask the inevitable question, . I personally somebody detected more LGBT survivors question whether their sexy locating is a door-to-door outcome of their earlier unisexual abuse (Dimock, 1988).

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How many gay men were molested before knowing they're gay? [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

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I don't look particularly homy asking this, but it's thing I've wondered about. How many men who are presently homosexual feature been sexually ill-treated by a men/men at any period of their life prior to the find of the mistreated of their homosexuality? I know exact numbers or percentages would be out to provide, but what's the indiscriminate trend?

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I Was Repeatedly Raped In Prison | Prison Writers

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