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It smelled equivalent conspiracy: a former virile attendant who was leaving by a fake name and had in some manner obtained White dwelling press passes on a regular basis was natural object briefings for an invisible right-wing news outfit, and had regular gotten to inquiry the president. Suddenly, the blogosphere latched onto “Gannongate,” exposing the squalid information of the 48-year-old zealot’s life. Gannon’s idea was simple—to turn a player—and his fate now hangs in the of all time narrowing gap 'tween attaint and a big book contract.

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Welcome to the simulation of a free country Here's a storey that the thought estate of the realm is running from. The guy wild is making out with here is a gay animal prostitute. His fake family line is Jeff Cannon and he's a false lily-white House corrispondent who pretends to be a reporter in Bush's machine conferences and asks softball questions.

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-- comedian Bill Maher, feb 18, 2005 This connection has a 6 minute quicktime visual communication clip from the show - hilarious, worth watching. invigorating to see a thought media journalist (Leslie Stahl) and elected legislator Joe Biden raising serious questions. This is a bizarre substance that had considerable potential to break in the 2nd Bush term.

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