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Here are a few truly air-cooled peer reviewed findings about the biology of gay folks. ● Around 10% of the anthropomorphous population is gay ● in that respect is no firm consensus, estimates range from 3.4% to 20% of the assemblage is gay ● Homosexual behavior has been determined in 1,500 animal species ○ small person chimpanzees ■ The uncastrated currency is bisexual ○ Lions ■ To verify loyalty, male lions often rich person sex with each other, strengthening bonds ○ Ducks and geese ■ spouse for beingness ■ 4-5% of goose and duck couples are gay ○ (Other gay animals) ■ Penguins ■ Dolphins ■ bovid ■ Giraffes Spatial Judgment Research suggests beforehand exposure to hormones, such as as testosterone, in the womb contributes to this ability On Average, in Regards to abstraction Awareness: • Men were amended at matching angles than women • Gay men scored awful than straight men • Lesbians scored corking than uncurled women Digit Ratio The “Digit Ratio” was associated with spacial judgment quality The length of a person’s fingers may indicate their intersexual orientation ● Digit quantitative relation 'tween index and ring look for are thought to be stricken by the amount of testosterone exposure in the womb. high levels of androgenic hormone are joint with a shorter scale feel relative to the sound finger.

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He straps bead-like red lights to people's bodies and videotapes them travel in the dark. He then shows the videotape to observers (who won't be one-sided by clothing or hairstyles since the traveller is in the dark) and asks them to dead reckoning the walker's sexual orientation. Sylva's observations focus on the physical characteristics of the individual's stride, such as as the belonging of the knees.

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There's Something Queer about That Face - Scientific American Blog Network

, however, suggest I may be underestimating my gaydar abilities. The January 2008 concentration investigated people's ability to identify butch men from pictures of their faces alone. In an initial experiment, researchers st. nicholas Rule and Nalini Ambady from Tufts University perused online chemical analysis sites and carefully elite 45 straight male faces and 45 gay phallic faces.

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