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Voice Actor: Paula Tiso Age: 22 Lulu's eldest appearance sets the timbre for her end-to-end the game, as she scolds Wakka joining them in the bedchamber of the Fayth. aft she notices that Tidus is with him, the condition gets plane crappy for Wakka as she berates him more. Shortly after, Wakka and Lulu talk outside Tidus' tent just about Chappu and how Tidus isn't a permutation for him.

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Tidus: Video Games’ Answer to Toxic Masculinity – FemHype

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While the stoic Cloud, meditative Solid Snake, and snarky Drake are acquainted staples of mainstream video fearless land, Tidus eschewed this average hard-jawed machoism in favor of sensitivity and humor. What umteen games would flat-bottom clasp dorsum on in favor of a sad reveal, you speaker in the introductory few hour of —from Tidus sharing his hurt at the work force of his father to the loss of his care to, yes, even living thing told he’s known to cry often—and that’s in front this sports all-star gets teleported from his internal in Zanarkand into the undiscovered world of Spira by a mysterious goliath named Sin! When he encounters a group of people willing to aid him discovery his way habitation (while hard to defeat Sin along the way), he opens up to them early on and takings to lay waste to umpteen damaging hypermasculine tropes.

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Wakka (Character) - Giant Bomb

Wakka is a hot guardian, fighter and Blitzball performing artist who grew up on Besaid ground on with Lulu and his jr. brother, Chappu. Wakka and Chappu lost their parents to Sin when they were some very young, leaving them with half-size memories of their biological parents. Years later, subsequently the Calm began , Wakka, Lulu and Chappu run across Yuna, Braska’s daughter and Kimahri who was asked by Auron to create certain Yuna was escorted somewhere safe.

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