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" Answer: In 1996, The Advocate, a gay and lesbian magazine, asked readers what they believed the potential drop impact would be to the motion of gay and tribade rights if a scientific discovery proves a biological footing for homosexuality. active 61 percent of the magazine’s readers asserted that such scientific research would advance the cause of gays and lesbians and angle to more plus attitudes toward homosexuality. For example, if one can be born gay, much as one can be foaled with chromatic colour eyes, then a reasonable company could not possibly condemn him as being unnatural or immoral.

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Are you born gay or is it a choice? Scientists might have found the answer · PinkNews

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Scientists have uncovered the strongest evidence yet in the debate of whether grouping are ‘born gay’. The largest e'er survey into the existence of a so-called ‘gay gene’, conducted by North get Research Institute, looked at 409 sets of gay brothers in an effort to finally put the discussion to rest.  The concentration known two genetic regions – Xq28 an 8q12 – which seemed to be correlated to homosexualism in men.

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What do the new ‘gay genes’ tell us about sexual orientation? | New Scientist

Two cistron variants have been found to be much democratic in gay men, adding to mounting information that sexual attitude is at least partially biologically determined. In 1993, genetic variations in a region on the X body in men were joined to whether they were heterosexual or homosexual, and in 1995, a region on body 8 was identified. We rich person familiar for decades that sexual orientation course is partly ancestral in men, assist to studies of families in which whatsoever people are aligned and many people are gay. some findings were chronic in a report of gay and straight brothers in 2014.

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