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Many year ago I affected into a dwelling with a dinky yard of more or less 45 ft. I needed an antenna system capable of the lower HF bands. The 1/2 size G5RV is a farce comedy on the lower HF bands, as are all but of the attenuate aerial sensitivity arrangements so I wanted thing that was a similar size but truly resonant so losses were kept to a minimum.

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How to Use Amateur (Ham Radio) Repeaters- A New Ham's Guide to Repeaters

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This article will helpfulness the New Ham to be more at location on repeaters and sympathize the surgical process and procedures on Ham Radio Repeaters. It contains a basic speech act of a ham radio repeater, how to use it properly and is written with the NEW HAM in opinion for one of the nearly popular ham bands....2 meters. It's a two-way radio system that receives on one frequency, and then re-transmits what it receives on other frequency; at just the same time.

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Amateur Radio Antennas 6 by M0MTJ - Home Brew Doublet Antenna, 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna, G5RV

| Antennas / Aerials | /P typewriter in operation | Accessories | Projects & Kits expedient data | representative MMTJ | link M6ORS | hold fast to Amateur Radio Sites RSGB | QSL | The amateurish receiver Mini parcel Map | Photographs and 'Bits 'n' Bobs' Index To Other aerial Pages: Antennas 1 : Aerials utilised by M0MTJ Antennas 2 : Including ideas for compact antennas for Top social group /160 metres Antennas 3 : Felix Scerri VK4FUQ discusses fixing Antennas, baluns, masts & other sensitivity related topics Antennas 4 : numerous antenna ideas from various sources particularly for multi-band operation & likewise gives information about antenna trimming, knots for wire antennas and useful sensitivity rigging supportive ideas. In 2014 I installed a newly constructed Doublet Antenna. The top wires are 20 metres in full length - consummate for the 40 m Band, but because it is fed with balanced line / ladder position back to the aerial matching unit (ATU) it will work selfsame efficiently on almost bands 'tween 40 Meters to 6 Meters. The 'old timers' were true - use a Doublet: If you impoverishment an efficacious all band antenna that is painless and cheap to make that should be quite an easy to accommodate and install.....

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